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Fans are The Lucky Ones as Pentatonix releases new album of all-original music

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You love their Christmas tunes and their cover songs, but now get ready to experience the more personal side of Pentatonix: Their new album, The Lucky Ones, out today, features all-original songs co-written by the a cappella group’s members.

This is the group’s first album of original music since their self-titled release, which debuted at number-one when it was released in 2015.  Describing The Lucky OnesScott Hoying tells ABC Audio, “It’s pretty eclectic,” but notes, “It actually is, I feel like, one of our most cohesive albums.”

Scott adds, “It’s all very honest and it’s very, uh, what’s the word…?”

“Experimental,” band mate Matt Sallee chimes in. 

“It’s very different for us,” Scott agrees.

“I think it’s all-encompassing of, like, all of our backgrounds of music, all of our experiences, all of our journeys up until this point,” Matt continues. “And I think it’s just different.” (AUDIO IS ABC 1-ON-1)

So far, the group has released the album’s title track and the song “Be My Eyes.” But one track on the album that would fall into the category of “experimental” or “different” is one called “Bored.”  It incorporates a piece of a 2005 song called “B.Y.O.B.” by the alternative metal band System of a Down, which was written to protest the Iraq War. 

Here’s the full track list for The Lucky Ones:

“Happy Now”
“Love Me When I Don’t”
“Coffee In Bed”
“Be My Eyes”
“A Little Space”
“Exit Signs”
“Never Gonna Cry Again”
“It’s Different Now”
“The Lucky Ones”

By Andrea Dresdale
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