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Feeling unmotivated? Andy Grammer wrote an amazingly blunt song just for you

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It’s easy to feel a little unmotivated due to the COVID-19 pandemic and that’s why “Honey, I’m Good” singer Andy Grammer is creating music with a very explicit motivational message.

The singer on Monday shared a song he whipped up, which is comprised of a single aggressive line, “Get your sh** together.”  

Grammer sings the command over and over again in a hilarious falsetto as he bangs out a few chords on the piano.

The hilarious Monday tune is accompanied by a series of exaggerated expressions before the 36-year-old finishes the song by scrunching up his face and barking, “Stop making excuses and do something!” 

As it turns out, Grammer wrote the song for himself because he was having a hard time getting his week started.

“Me to myself this Monday morning,” the father of two admitted in the caption before turning it back to his followers. “Feels like in these Covid times I’m pushing through an extra barrier of malaise to get creativity out of me.”

“To anyone who needs this masterpiece, you’re welcome…,” he snarkily concluded.

Of course, his fans were quick to send in their thanks for the much-needed masterpiece, while some joked that they felt attacked, to which Grammer admits is the entire point of the song.

So, if you’re having a hard time snapping out of your COVID-19 funk or are guilty of coming up with too many excuses to accomplish your goals, give Andy Grammer’s amazingly blunt song a listen.

By Megan Stone
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Listen to the song below. WARNING: Mature language.