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First Avenue to Require Proof of Vaccination or Recent Negative COVID-19 Test

Super Bowl Prince
In this Jan. 29, 2018 photo, First Avenue, where the late musician Prince occasionally performed, is shown in Minneapolis. Fans remember Prince for his electrifying halftime performance at the Super Bowl in 2007. The “Purple Rain” singer died in 2016, so his followers can only imagine how he might have topped that at this year’s game in his hometown of Minneapolis. But music producer Jimmy Jam says Prince is “here in spirit,” with sights and sounds all over town in the leadup to the game. (AP Photo/Jeff Baenen)

First Avenue and their associated venues around the metro announced today that all concerts and events hosted at their venues will require proof of a full series of COVID-19 vaccinations or  proof of a negative test within the past 72 hours.

According to their release, ‘proof of vaccination’ can include a physical card or a photo of a completed vaccination card coinciding with a matching photo ID. The vaccinations must also have been completed at least 14 days prior to the event. Children under the age of 12, who cannot be vaccinated in MN at this time, can show a negative test to attend all ages events.

This policy is in effect at all events hosted by First Avenue, 7th Street Entry, Turf Club, Fine Line Cafe, The Fitzgerald Theater and Palace Theater. Staff are also required to get the vaccine. This is the latest news that comes in amongst a laundry list of news headlines regarding the COVID-19 delta variant, country wide mask and safety recommendations and other vaccine requirements. In the scope of the entire US, First Avenue is not the first venue to enact a policy like this. Venues all across America have enacted similar policy’s to keep their patrons safe and venues open.