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Foods That Were Discontinued In 2022

Foods come and go at restaurants and companies, but when they stop making certain beloved foods, fans get upset. Sometimes, a discontinued food is such a big deal to people, the news of it is everywhere – looking at you McRib – but this year, some brands tried to sneak a couple past us without making a fuss about it.

These are some of the most notable foods we lost in 2022, according to The Takeout.

  • Burger King Ch’King Sandwich– This one started off with rave reviews, but just 15 months on the permanent menu, it was on its way out. Since it was quickly replaced by a line of Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwiches, it’s probably safe to say the Ch’King won’t be returning.
  • Chili’s Original Chicken Crispers– This longtime Chili’s classic, which has tempura-like batter and is different from the Crispy Chicken Crispers that are still on the menu, was met with outrage from some superfans on social media. But a lack of sales seems to be the reason they were discontinued, so it’s unlikely they’ll be back.
  • Dunkin’ Veggie Egg White– This was a fast food loss that was barely missed by anyone, so there’s not much chance of Dunkin’ bringing it back anytime soon.
  • Honest Tea– If you’re mourning the loss of this beverage, you’ll be glad to know Honest Tea co-creator Seth Goldman already has a new drink on the market called Just Ice Tea. The biggest difference between the two? Just Ice Tea is sweetened with Fair Trade-certified and organic agave syrup and honey, while Honest Tea was made with cane sugar.
  • Klondike’s Choco Taco– These frozen treats were beloved by many and while Klondike may have been hoping no one would notice when they were discontinued, people were paying attention and took to the Internet to complain. Will they make a comeback? Rumors were swirling that Choco Tacos could return as an ice cream truck exclusive, so there’s still hope.
  • McDonald’s McRib– People were used to this sandwich coming and going from menus, but Mickey D’s shocked everyone when it announced this would be the farewell tour for the McRib. They tried to take the sting out by offering limited-edition McRib merch, but fans were still upset. But when The Takeout pressed the fast food chain to see if the McRib would ever return, their vague response leaves the door open. “We can’t say for certain what the future holds,” read a follow-up statement from McDonald’s. “But for now, fans should enjoy the McRib while they can, because it won’t be returning nationwide anytime soon.