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From “Low” to high: Flo Rida wins $82 million in lawsuit against energy drink company

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Poe Boy/Atlantic

No doubt Flo Rida has a “Good Feeling” right now: Billboard reports that a jury has awarded him a whopping $82 million in damages in his lawsuit against the energy drink company Celsius.

A Broward County, Florida, jury found that Celsius had breached two endorsement contracts it signed with Flo Rida in the mid-2010s. When he first filed the suit in 2021, Flo, born Tramar Dillard, claimed that he was owed millions of dollars’ worth of stock and royalties based on those contracts.

The rapper’s attorneys argued that thanks to Flo’s promotion of Celsius, the company is now so successful that it has met key sales thresholds that entitle the rapper to the equivalent of a 1 percent stake in the business. Lawyers for Celsius says the sales thresholds hadn’t been reached and that Flo had already been paid “far in excess” of what they owed him.

The rapper’s attorneys told Billboard that their client won due to Celsius’ attempts to frame Flo’s suit as a greedy cash grab.

The lawyers told Billboard, “It was a matter of respect. He was due these shares, he worked for them, and he wasn’t going to just let it go.”

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