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Fun Halloween Drinking Games


We are moving into our new house the day before Thanksgiving so I’ll miss the Halloween parties this year BUT next year, it is on! Here are some fun drinking games you can do for your Halloween party!

  • Bobbing for bottles. Along with apples, add mini bottles of alcohol to the mix. (prob wont want to do this with face make up tho)
  • Costume Bingo. If you see someone come in with a “stereotypical” costume (a witch, superhero, bunny, etc.), then SOCIAL!
  • Beer pong with eyeballs. They’re easy enough to make or buy. This sounds SUPER cute! I would love this!
  • Drinking games for Halloween movies already exist online, but if you’re feeling creative, you can make your own set of rules with friends. If scary movies aren’t your scene, try Delish’s Hocus Pocus Drinking Game for a classic Disney film that will bring the laughs.
  • Toilet Paper Mummy. players split up into teams of two, with one person acting as the mummy and the other person wrapping them with toilet paper. The last person to finish wrapping their mummy after the game starts has to drink!

Have fun!