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G-Eazy and Demi Lovato are headed for a “Breakdown” in new song

Angelo Kritikos

G-Eazy and Demi Lovato take aim at negative media coverage against them in their new collaboration, “Breakdown.”

The song finds the two singers in a dark place, battling inner demons and anxiety as Demi confesses, “I got big plans/But none of them feel like mine,” while the rapper admits to feeling “all alone in a dark space.”

The video follows the pair as they stand alone in adjoining rooms on a living room set, watching  headlines about Demi’s drug overdose and G-Eazy’s arrest for assault and drug possession flash across the walls and TV screen.

“I’m in the middle of a breakdown baby/I need you,” Demi professes in the chorus. 

“Thank you@G_Eazyfor sharing this song with me,” Demi writes on Instagram

“Breakdown” is the latest single off G-Eazy’s album, These Things Happen Too, set for release on September 24.

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