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Garth Brooks Showered with Him?

Garth Brooks stopped by “The Kelly Clarkson Show” and regaled Kelly – and the audience – with the story of how he once showered with Aerosmith‘s Steven Tyler – an off-hand comment he made that Kelly almost missed, doubling back to ask, “Did you say you showered with him??”

So Garth told the story of how he was showering before a concert in 2008 – he was set to perform “The Last Play At Shea” concert in New York with Billy Joel – “I’m in there showering, getting ready for the show – and I have soap in my eyes, I look around – and there’s Steven Tyler, he’s showering too!”

To be fair, the showers were communal – it was the old locker room at Shea Stadium. “How many people get to say that?” Garth asked, to which Kelly replied, “Well, who knows? He’s rock n’ roll!”