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GAYLE, Jax, JVKE, Stephen Sanchez, Em Beihold among RIAA’s Class of 2022

Courtesy of RIAA

In 2022, many new artists received their first Gold and Platinum RIAA certifications — 39 in all, including GAYLE, Stephen Sanchez, Em Beihold, Jax, Lauren Spencer Smith, JVKE and Armani White. But among the RIAA’s Class of 2022, GAYLE’s the one who really stood out.

The singer’s Grammy-nominated hit “abcdefu” was certified three-times Platinum — marking sales of 3 million — which was the highest certification of any other Class of 2022 artist. In fact, GAYLE is the only one who received a multiple-Platinum certification, period.

Songs that were certified Platinum this year, signifying sales of 1 million, include Beihold’s “Numb Little Bug” and Sanchez’s “Until I Found You.” Coincidentally, there’s a remix duet version of “Until I Found You” featuring Stephen and Em.

Songs certified Gold this year include Emmy Meli‘s “I Am Woman,” Jax’s “Victoria’s Secret,” Armani White’s “Billie Eilish,” Benson Boone‘s “Ghost Town,” Lauren Spencer Smith’s “Flowers” and “Fingers Crossed,” Leah Kate‘s “10 Things I Hate About You” and JVKE’s “this is what falling in love feels like.”

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