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GAYLE sees music in colors — and now you can use them for your own creative projects

M Gayleadobe 042822
Courtesy Adobe

Before GAYLE first released her EP a study of the human experience volume one, she posted some of the song titles on Instagram and captioned each one with a specific color, like pink, yellow and orange.  That’s because she has chromesthesia, which means that she sees music as colors.

“Yeah, every time I listen to the song — specifically, even when I make a song — it just has a color,” GAYLE tells ABC Audio. “It just like automatically like pops up into my brain and it’s, like, super-weird and I don’t know how to explain it other than like that! But yeah, so every song that I posted a slide of the color, that’s the color of the song.”

While her experience may be “super-weird,” the “abcdefu” singer has now parlayed her chromesthesia into a deal with Adobe Creative Cloud Express.  She’s teamed up with the image-creation software company to design two exclusive templates based on the “colors” of the songs on her EP.  She encourage fans to use these templates for their own creations, and then share them on their socials with the hashtag #GAYLExAdobe.

“The fact that I can have something that comes from my brain and then people can do what they want, I just think is really cool,” she says in a promotional video. “I’d love to see what you make with my templates.”

Last night, GAYLE  joined AJR as the opening act for the “BANG!” rockers’ OK Orchestra tour; she’ll be with them through the end of May.  

“AJR and the people that go to their shows, like, they just love music and they’re there for music,” she says. “And that’s just, like, really refreshing and inspiring.” 

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