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GAYLE’s debut EP ‘A Study of the Human Experience Volume One’ coming next month

Acacia Evans

GAYLE‘s become a global star thanks to her song “abcdefu,” but there’s a lot more to her than just that one song, and fans will get a chance to hear that on her debut EP, which Rolling Stone reports is coming out next month.

It’s called A Study of the Human Experience Volume One, and according to Rolling Stone, it drops March 18. GAYLE says the songs on it are about how life is “f***ing weird, and life is so hard, but it’s so lovely at the same time.”

And that’s really confusing. Especially when you’re growing up,” she tells Rolling Stone.

The EP includes her recent single “Ur Just Horny,” as well as “Sleeping with My Friends” and “Luv Starved,” all of which are about a friendship that turned intimate. 

I thought I was the one at fault,” she tells Rolling Stone. “But then I realized, ‘No. They were trying to get into my pants the whole entire time: That was their goal. They never cared in the first place. Maybe I’m not completely the problem.’”

As for where she is as an artist now that she’s had some success, GAYLE notes, “I’m not necessarily set on ‘This is who I am.’ I’ve gotten really comfortable with who I am as a person and what I want. But I know I’m going to change. I know that the things I want are going to change. And that’s O.K.”

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