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Giant spider? Bigfoot? Selena Gomez lists the monsters she’d be okay turning into

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Ahead of the final installment of the Hotel Transylvania franchise hitting the streaming world on Friday, star Selena Gomez lets fans in on what kind of monsters are cool in her book.

Speaking with Pop Sugar alongside co-star Andy Samberg, the “Lose You to Love Me” singer was grilled on the type of monsters she would rather become.  

When faced with the choice of turning a loved one either into a vampire, like her character Mavis, or a mindless zombie, Selena selected the former option.  “I would rather someone turn into a vampire — even if they were threatening to eat me because I don’t care,” the Grammy nominee deadpanned. 

Selena would also rather be covered in hair than fish scales, noting “it would be fun to braid” her new, luscious locks.  When faced with picking centaurs or mermaids as the better half-human monster, the 29-year-old selected the sea creatures because, “I love the ocean.”

Most hilariously, when posed with the question if she’d “rather turn into a skeleton that can play xylophone on its bones or just be really good at drums,” Selena wanted to become the latter because, “I think that’d be cool.”

And, finally, when forced to choose what eight-legged monster she’d rather be turned into, the Rare Beauty mogul said she’d want to become a giant spider.  “I would like to be a spider,” she mused, but admitted that choosing between that and a giant kraken was “hard.”

Hotel Transylvania: Transformania is available to stream on Amazon Prime starting Friday, January 14.

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