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Golden Ticket!

If you could have a golden ticket to any company in the world, what would it be? Inspired by a man who bought a pass with a certain company back in the 90’s that ended up turning into his own golden ticket and has since saved him millions of dollars! So, we couldn’t help but ask/dream, if you could have a golden ticket to any company for the rest of your life what company would you pick? Ryan was so jealous of this man at first, he couldn’t even talk about this. He wanted exactly what this man purchased decades ago. But, to no one’s surprise, listeners started texting in their golden ticket companies and quickly changed Ryan’s mind and the company he wants a golden ticket for. Click here to hear this man’s incredible story and other fantastic golden ticket ideas. If you have an idea for a golden ticket you’d like to share with us, please visit our Facebook page and let us know! We might have to try and get one!