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Goo Goo Dolls singer says a holiday album's planned for fall: "It felt good doing it"

Credit: Ed Gregory

On Friday, Goo Goo Dolls released the deluxe version of their 2019 Miracle Pill, but apparently that won’t be the only new release fans will get in 2020.

Singer Johnny Rzeznik tells ABC Audio that this fall, they’re planning to release their first-ever Christmas album.

“You know, we were messing around,” Rzeznik says. “We wanted to put a couple of Christmas songs together and do ’em in a really kinda gritty fashion — some classics — and then it just wound up turning it into a whole record.”

He adds, “I mean, it’s cheesy. It’s a Christmas record, whatever, but it just felt good doing it.”

Johnny says he enjoyed getting the chance to just let loose and record music without any pressure to make a hit.

“It was so fun to get right out of the box and not have to worry about, I dunno, ‘What are people going to think?’ or ‘Is this going to get played on the radio?’” he says.

No word yet on when the holiday album will be released. In the meantime, fans can enjoy the deluxe version of Miracle Pill, which includes three previously unreleased tracks: “Just a Man,” “Tonight, Together” and “The Right Track.”

By Andrea Dresdale and Andrea Tuccillo
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