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Good 4 them: Olivia Rodrigo & team celebrate her latest number-one debut


Olivia Rodrigo and her musical collaborators took to social media to celebrate on Monday after they got the good news that her latest single, “good 4 u,” had debuted at number one.

“GOOD 4 U IS NUMBER ONE!!!!!!!! IM SO HAPPY AHHHHHH!!!!!” Olivia wrote on Instagram, along with a graphic of the Billboard Hot 100 chart showing the song on top. 

Olivia added “ily @dan_nigro @alexander23” — that’s Dan Nigro, who co-wrote the song and produced her album Sour, and Alexander Glantz, aka songwriter/producer Alexander 23, who co-produced the song with Nigro.

On his Instagram, Nigro wrote, “Holy S**t!!! Good 4 U just debuted at #1. So thankful to be able to make music with such close friends…. and thankful to the amazing team surrounding us that kept pushing us to make this song better!”  He and Olivia both included a screen shot on their Instagram Stories of their celebratory FaceTime call with each other and Alexander.  Olivia captioned hers, “My boys!”

On his own Instagram Story, Alexander wrote, “lucky i get to make music with my friends. lucky my friends also happen to be the best in the world at making music!!”

According to Olivia’s Instagram Story, there’s a global listening party for Sour today starting at 1 p.m. ET. Check the post for the time in your area.  Sour is now the first debut album by a woman to produce two number ones since Lady Gaga’s 2008 The Fame did it with “Just Dance” and “Poker Face.”

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