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Grand Total!

Bucks For Babe

We have the most amazing and generous listeners in the world! We are constantly reminded of that by the things you do and we are so lucky to be a part of this giant family we all call KS95. Most people know by now, a few months ago Crisco had to tragically and unexpectedly put down his dog, Babe. Babe meant everything to Crisco. Babe was a rescue Crisco took in and since that moment, Babe was there for him every second through some really tough times in Crisco’s life. Particularly when his father passed. Nobody gave Crisco more comfort than Babe. She was Crisco’s soulmate. When Crisco announced to all of us that he had to put Babe down we were all heartbroken and of course, Crisco was devastated. There was a big black cloud over this station, the show, and all of us in general. We were all prepared and expected for that cloud to loom over us for quite some time. We started thinking of any possible ways we could pull some sort of positive out of this extremely negative time. Thanks in large part and tireless effort from Ryan and Dez, Buck$ for Babe was born. We partnered with the absolutely incredible non-profit animal rescue service organization Secondhand Hounds to start raising money for animal rescue in Babe’s honor. Immediately, Spire Credit Union stepped up (like they always do) and offered to match donations. The next day we officially announced and launched Buck$ for Babe. In the first five minutes we raised over $10,000. It was absolutely unbelievable, but that’s just what this KS95 family does every single time in times like this. Words cannot express our emotions in that moment. We started doing all types of fun events with Secondhand Hounds. Dog and kitten intakes, adoption events and most recently, we put on one of our funniest events yet, Pet Pawlooza! In honor of the event, Ryan had custom Babe t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, hoodies, and full zip hooded sweatshirts created featuring a “Disney-fied” Babe with a halo and Disney font. They’ve been selling like hotcakes and currently you can still get your hands on one of these limited edition items. All proceeds go to Buck$ for Babe. These items are only available for a very limited time though, so if you want one before they’re gone click here. We’re extremely excited for this coming Monday morning! Please tune in as we’re going to receive and then announce the grand total Buck$ for Babe has raised. We truly, from the bottom of our hearts can NOT thank you all enough! Thanks to you, Babe’s legacy will live on forever and save so many more animals across the country just like her.