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Guts or Glory

Well, we just wrapped up what is quite possibly our favorite week of the year, Freak Week! A full week of nonstop chills, thrills and goosebumps. Unfortunately, Dez missed out on a lot of the fun while she was away on vacation, but there was no way we were letting her get away that easily. You know we were still going to find times and ways to mess with Dez. So of course, naturally we made her get in a coffin and locked the lid. You can watch that video here. Another idea we had, we’re going to make Dez watch what we consider one of the scariest horror films ever, The Conjuring II. Now, anybody that listens or knows Dez even a little, knows she absolutely hates, hates, HATES horror movies! If it’s even remotely scary Dez refuses to watch it. She won’t even watch Stranger Things because it’s “too scary”. So we decided to play a little game called Guts or Glory. The challenge, Dez had to sit silently and watch 20 minutes of The Conjuring II. No screaming, looking away, covering her eyes or anything else similar to that. If she can, Dez gets to crack open a pumpkin and dump the guts all over Crisco. If she can’t make it through 20 minutes, Crisco gets to dump pumpkin guts all over her. Before we let Dez watch the movie in the pitch-dark, we just wanted to give Dez a little backstory on why we think this particular movie is so scary. The main reasons being, it’s all based on true events and they even use real audio and video. There’s a very great chance that what you’re about to watch Dez will happen to you in River Falls very soon! Just know that. She was already yelping and having a hard time breathing just listening to us talk about the movie. The odds were heavily in Crisco’s favor. There’s a 99.99% chance Crisco would be dumping pumpkin guts all over Dez in the very near future. BUT, Dez is a fighter and very competitive and there is that 00.01% chance she could make it through those 20 minutes and come out victorious. Nobody believed in Dez though, maybe that’s exactly what gave her the fuel she needed and the relentless drive she showcased to beat Crisco and complete this challenge. So, who dumped on who? You can find out right here. Enjoy and happy holidays from KS95!