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Hack of the Day – Staci’s Photo Gallery


Staci explains how to easily hang photos straight and without the extra nail holes!
Scroll down for pictures and text instructions.
Auditory learners can listen to Staci give the instruction in the podcast here:

Hack of the Day – Photo Gallery

1. Put a line across the center of the wall with your 2 inch painter’s tape. (Make sure it’s straight.)
2. Arrange the photos on the floor the way you would like to see them above and below the blue line on the wall. (Use frames for your photos that are all the same color or the same style.) Start in the middle and work your way out. Arrange them close together in a row – I think of it like little building skyscrapers above the line. Below the line you arrange more photos the same way. I think of them as the reflection of the buildings on water. So the top row of photo frames and the bottom row will mirror each other with the 2 inch long empty space in between.


3. Once you like your arrangement, hang them. Don’t use nails. Get that hanging tape that 3M makes. That way, you don’t have to measure anything, you just line your frames up against your blue tape line and press to the wall. Last step is to take off your blue painters tape and it is perfect. Aired September 9th, 2020