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Halsey announces they finally joined Tumblr


Halsey is the latest celebrity to migrate to Tumblr and has already been posting up an aesthetically pleasing storm.

The singer revealed on their Instagram Story that fans can follow them via the username @TiredAndLonelyMuse, an account they opened up earlier this month.

Now that Halsey has curated enough several on-brand images for their account, which contain a sensual, religious or lonely theme, they are ready to start interacting with fans.

In a recent post, Halsey expressed, “gonna be a tough thing deciding which writing to post here and which to save for the records. lately i’ve been writing constantly from morning to night. not for any reason. just a compulsion.”

The pensive post continued, “having conversations and my hands are simultaneously typing away in a world and ambience of their own. ambidextrous brain. master of none.”

On Thursday Halsey shared a dark poem they apparently wrote, which reads, “jesus didn’t die for your sins/ you die for your own./ you paid all of your debts/ but you cannot go home./ the father cursed the skirt for being short./ the mother cursed him for staring./ then cursed you, the competition./ the teacher kept your seat close to the board./ in hindsight, kept you closer to his desk./ the pastor brushed his hands against your back./ this is life in reparation.”

So, if you wish to have an intimate peek into Halsey’s artsy mind that you can’t find on Twitter, TikTok or Instagram, give them a follow on Tumblr.

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