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Halsey assures fans that their health won’t impact upcoming tour

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Halsey has assured fans that their recently disclosed health issues will not impact the upcoming Love and Power Tour, which is only days away from starting. 

Saying they were “legitimately just rehearsing and decided to jump on and talk about how excited I am,” Halsey clarified what they said in an earlier Instagram story, where they revealed they were diagnosed with multiple ailments that may be causing them to become allergic to most foods. 

With their tour days away, Halsey encouraged fans to start thinking about seeing them in person instead of worry about “that really sad story.”  

“I didn’t want you guys to think that something was wrong, so I jumped on to maybe give guys a little more positive of a vibe,” Halsey continued, teasing some features of the upcoming tour. “I changed the set list yesterday,” Halsey revealed, noting they “swapped a bunch of stuff around and added a bunch of songs.”

“I’ll pull a fast one. I’ll just change it last minute. That’s what I do,” they teased. 

“The show is wonderful,” Halsey continued. “The visuals are really cool and really intense.” 

The “Bad at Love” singer did bring down the mood to issue one final reminder to parents planning to attend one of their shows: “If you are bringing a young child to the show, consider this me telling you maybe to not,” adding that the tour’s “vibe” is not for “young, young children.”

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