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Halsey headlines UK’s Reading festival after overcoming food poisoning

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Halsey wasn’t feeling well over the weekend, but they rallied to deliver an historic headlining set at the U.K.’s Reading Festival Sunday night.

The “Without Me” singer was forced to stop performing during their appearance at Reading’s sister festival, Leeds, Friday night, due to what they later revealed was a bad case of food poisoning.

According to E! Online, they wrote on their Instagram Story, “I have no idea how I’m still alive. I have terrible food poisoning STILL! It started yesterday at 2pm and I somehow made it on stage (after the medical team at the festival were soooo helpful!).”

Halsey also wrote that during the Leeds performance, they “felt like I was on Jupiter the whole time,” and described the experience as “exceptionally not f****** chill.”

But after triumphantly taking the stage at Reading, she wrote on Instagram, “I F***INNNNN HEADLINED READING!!!!! DID YA HEAR?? guys thank you soooo much for closing out this weekend in a way I will never forget, after a wild ride.”

On her Instagram Story, she also noted, “me and MeganTheeStallion were the first female headliners since 1995. That’s the year Meg was born and I was turning 1. Really proud to have been a part of history this weekend with another woman I admire, and as always hoping to see more ladies up there killing it on that stage.”

NME reports that during the show, Halsey commented on becoming a mother by saying, “I feel like having a kid made me just not really take myself so seriously anymore, and not give so much of a f***, you know?,” which led to people in the crowd starting to chant, “MILF! MILF!,” much to Halsey’s amusement.

Halsey’s set included a cover of Kate Bush‘s “Running Up that Hill.”

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