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Halsey releases sticky, sweet video for “Honey”

Getty Halsey 121021
Noam Galai/Getty Images for BudX

Halsey has released the sticky, sweet performance video for the song “Honey” off her album If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power.

In the clip, filmed live in Los Angeles, Halsey performs the upbeat tune in a white lace dress. Midway through the song, they begin to literally cover themselves in honey. By the end of the song, Halsey’s dancing around, completely covered in it.

Earlier this week, the singer hinted on Twitter that they’re thinking about not releasing any more music. When one fan suggested what their new “era” should be, Halsey responded, “Bold of you to assume I’m gonna make more music.”

They later explained why they’re considering hanging up their music career, writing, “im highly sensitive since having my child and I want to protect him from having to read or hear unnecessary things about me in the future considering I have 0 control over what people say about me and he didn’t ask to receive that volume of info so I do think about it sometimes.”

Halsey added, “Perhaps I will learn to stop spilling my guts and become the reclusive homestead farmer I was always meant to be. Write lots of books that I won’t let anyone publish till I die. Probably not. but if it happens, here’s the foreshadowing.”

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