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Halsey revealed they held down “loads” of jobs before launching music career

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Everyone has to start somewhere, even Halsey.  The “Without Me” artist took a quick walk down memory lane to share the not-so-luxurious jobs they worked before becoming a world-renowned singer.

After one fan on Twitter asked if they ever had “to work like a ‘normal’ job before all of this?” Halsey responded, “Loads,” and left a laundry list of the jobs they previously held down, including, “Nanny, server, busses, hostess, delivery person, Baker, receptionist, I took license photos at the DMV.” 

Halsey ended the tweet with a pained face emoji, giving fans a clue exactly how they feel about the experiences.

The “East Side” singer also revealed they were a benevolent picture taker at the DMV, saying they were “always the go to” if people wanted to retake a license photo they didn’t like.

Halsey also opened up about their future family plans.  When a fan asked if they’d ever consider a home birth, the singer replied, “I would love to but I had cholestasis of pregnancy this time, so I always have to be safe! It would be my dream though.”

Mayo Clinic defines cholestasis as a liver condition that causes expecting mothers to itch without a rash. While uncomfortable, the more serious side effects could affect a developing child by causing lung problems, premature birth or even death.

Halsey welcomed their first child, a son named Ender, alongside partner Alev Aydin in July. 

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