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Halsey teases cover of tATu’s “All The Things She Said”

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Halsey revealed they did a little more than sample a tATu song when creating their 2019 song “Nightmare” — they apparently went ahead and recorded their own cover, as well.

Taking to TikTok on Friday, Halsey shared that the chorus from “Nightmare” contains elements from tATu’s 2002 hit “All The Things She Said,” and then proved it by playing “Nightmare” and their own version of “All the Things She Said” together.

Halsey then teased their full-length cover of the Russian duo’s song, writing, “should I leak this version?”  A quick look at the comments section shows that people are dying to hear the whole thing, with some saying the song needs to come out “immediately.”

“All The Things She Said” ignited worldwide controversy for referencing a same-sex relationship and the music video caused further controversy because it featured the two artists kissing.  Several conservative organizations attempted to ban the song outright for promoting lesbianism.

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