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Hammer-Schlagen Owners Win Legal Battle with Chaska Brewery


The Stillwater based company behind the popular bar game Hammer-Schlagen has won a recent trademark infringement case against Scrahm Haus Brewery in Chaska, Minnesota.

The drinking game has become quite popular over the years and involves a rotation of people taking turns whacking a nail into a tree stump with the wedge-end of a hammer. Each player gets one swing per turn until someone hits the nail flush with the stump.

In this case, the judge’s ruling stems from a lawsuit WRB filed against Schram Haus Brewing in December of 2020. The lawsuit alleged the brewery was using a counterfeit stump to play Hammer-Schlagen. After much deliberation, which included the brewery’s own ‘version’ of the game called “Schrammerschlagen”, the case was resolved in a confidential settlement.

Hammer-Schlagen CEO Jim Martin said in a statement “The big takeaway is that WRB and its predecessors are the source and origin of the Hammer-Schlagen brand of entertainment. If you want to provide nail driving entertainment to your guests, please don’t counterfeit the Stump. It took decades to establish the goodwill of Hammer-Schlagen. Just call us, and we’ll do our best to show up and put smiles on your patron’s faces.”