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Hardest Decision of my Life

kitty fam

Hi, just wanted to tell you about my Kitty Dog.   I got him on Superbowl Sunday 2008 in a snow storm while living in Utah.  He’s a Pomeranian, he LOVED playing catch, he was better than any Lab I ever met. He loved people and Jeep rides, being outside, and eating.  He also loved me.  He turned 15 this past December and I knew we wouldn’t have much time left with him. He had kidney failure about a year and a half ago after being misdiagnosed with a heart condition and put on all these medications that injured his kidneys.  He was at the U of MN vet hospital for a long time. I gave that dog IV fluids, meds, and anything else he needed  just so I could keep him longer.  He thankfully recovered but the past few months I’ve noticed a lot more changes in him. He cant see anymore.  Completely blind in one eye and the other just started getting worse, he can barely hear, he was falling down the steps, would hide in the corners because he was scared to walk around the house, he was in pain from his joints, he walked hunched over and it was obviously getting painful for him to even go to the bathroom. He could no longer jump up on the couch, he had no interest in playing  ball, he just wanted to sleep all day and all night.  He was put on some kidney food that he hated, so his joy of eating wasn’t there anymore. He started to refuse eating and even though it was suggested to me we could get him a feeding tube I just didn’t want to put him through all that for my selfish needs of keeping him with me.  I did a quality of life assessment online and it was very clear that his quality of life was really suffering. Especially compared to how energetic, happy and all the adventures we’d go on together his first 14 years of life.  He didn’t want to go for walks anymore, didn’t travel with us anymore, he just was tired.  I contacted MN Pets off a recommendation (this is not an ad btw I just want to share my experience because I had no idea what to do until Alexa told me about this place).  They come to your home and help your pet with a peaceful transition to the rainbow bridge.  It SUCKED scheduling this and thinking about it for a week, knowing his day was coming. I don’t know how I got through those days.  The guilt also sucked, hoping I’m not betraying him, that I’m making the right choice for him.  That he wont hate me for letting him go.  I didn’t want him to pass in an unfamiliar place in a rushing dramatic fashion, I wanted to give him steak and chicken and all the people food his tummy could handle, I wanted to sleep with him, and cuddle him as much as possible and if something happened to him while we were on Spring Break and I wasn’t there with him, I would never forgive myself.  He was having some other issues that had me worried he was getting really sick and we would end up in an emergent situation. If you ever find yourself in this gut wrenching situation here is what happened.  A wonderful doctor came to my home and she put him to sleep in my arms, I rubbed his nose and head until he passed.   It couldn’t have been more peaceful, The Dr. gave me as much time as I needed and privacy, she talked to me about him and what he liked to do, took a clay paw print, laid him in this sweet little basket and covered him with a blanket like he was sleeping.  I opted for private cremation.  It sucks and I’m so sad and will probably never fully recover. He was my road dog, it was just me and him evvvvvverywhere together for so long.  If you’ve lost a pet my heart goes out to you. Its rough.  Just wanted to share a few of my fav pictures of Kitty.

My first day home after ten days in the hospital after having Nilly. He sat on my lap alllllll day

Kitty Baby



















Kitty did not love baths but he tolerated them LOL

Kitty bath
























Kitty when he was a puppy, that’s a stuffed beer he is holding. He had fun toys!

Kitty beer


















Family Christmas photo when I first moved back to Minnesota in 2020

kitty fam













Holding his baby sister’s hand in the car
Kitty hand


















He loves to hold hands. Holding hands with Mom and Dad

kitty hand2



















The last picture we took together. 🙁

Kitty last




















This post makes me laugh so much. He ALWAYS wanted to be outside so any chance he got he bolted. We just moved to a new town home and I still to this day have no idea how he got out but he ran down University from Coon Rapids to Blaine, I have no idea how he survived or didnt get hurt. He found some people sitting in a drive way and ran up to them to play and they posted this picture of him.

Kitty run































His birthday a couple years ago.
Kitty xmas