KS95 for Kids


Masonic Harper Davenport

Being able to share and speak about Harper and our family’s journey will not only benefit other kids and their families but also our own. We believe the ability to connect with other people who hold these children, and this cause, close to them is a special opportunity for all. To provide any support that we can for all of the people that have been there for us, in just this short part of this long journey, is the least we can do. Also, to be able to see the joy and love in these kids’ eyes, is all you can ever hope for.

Harper was diagnosed with Leukemia on April 1st, 2020. She is only at the beginning of her journey but has shown the ability to attack this head-on. The care team at Masonic has been incredibly warm and welcoming to her and has made her feel so comfortable from day 1. With so many challenges being thrown at her, she has not lost her joy and love for everything and everyone around her. You can see that being spread to everyone that she meets!

Harper has been doing great throughout her treatment up to this point. She was able to enjoy as much of summer as possible and loves to head up to the cabin with her sister! Harper was extremely excited to be able to head back to school this year due to where she is in her treatment. She could not wait to see her friends and teachers!