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Here’s how listening to Taylor Swift and Adele’s songs can earn you $1,100

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While some people started the new year with a new romance, others may have experienced the opposite — and one company has quite the job offer for those brokenhearted individuals.

FinanceBuzz is looking for their new DJ of Heartache, who will be tasked to indulge in sad, breakup tunes for 24 hours.  In return, they’re offering a $1,100 salary.  So, what’s the minimum requirement?  All applicants must be freshly single.

“Breakups are never easy, and they can be costly! We’ll pay the hired DJ of Heartache $1,100 to listen to some of the most infamous heartbreak hits, then categorize them into 5 new playlists to become the soundtrack of every breakup phase,” the job posting reads. “We’re looking to ease both the emotional and monetary pain for one heartbroken soul.”

Among the 24-hours worth of “infamous heartbreak hits” are tracks from both Adele and Taylor Swift

FinanceBuzz explains they arrived at the $1,100 salary because, statistically, that’s how much a person typically spends before getting back on their feet.  “Since it’s clear relationship splits have a breakup bill… we’ll help cover the costs associated with their breakup,” they generously offer.

The playlists the so-called DJ of Heartbreak must create will reflect the five stages of breakup — which borrows elements of the five stages of grief: denial, anger, relapse, depression and acceptance.  Adds FinanceBuzz of the latter stage, “We like to call it moving on!”

The company will accept applications on its website until midnight EST on January 31.  Those interested in applying must be over the age of 18 and be a U.S. resident.  They will pick their lucky new employee on February 2.

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