Staci & Hutch

Here’s some weird stuff you can buy if you’re bored!


There’s no doubt that we’ve been spending more time in front of our computer screens than usual in the last 8 months. And because of that, we’ve been noticing some really interesting new products. Take a look a some of the fun items we found below:

Chip Fingers $10 – $30 Amazon, Etsy, etc.
It keeps your fingers from getting cheetle on them. (Why wouldn’t you want cheetle on your fingers?)


Coronavirus Ice Cube Mold Tray. Amazon, 19.99


Finger Sucking Guards! Etsy, around $20
If your kiddo won’t stop putting their fingers in their mouth or can’t stop sucking their thumb, you can have a custom made sort of “mitten” that keeps them from doing it until the habit is broken.


Kwik Trip Car Wash Candle! Elite Day Car Wash Scented Candles and Wax Melts, $17.50
If you love how the Kwik Trip car wash smells you can now buy a candle that smells like it.
Kwik Trip partnered with Smith & Co. Candles company in Eau Claire. (They also make the Glazers Donut scented candles.) Available for a limited time online only through Smith & Co. Candles’ website. You get a free Elite Car Wash Coupon with purchase!

CVS Receipt Scarf $19.95 Amazon, Etsy & other places
When you buy something from CVS, you leave with a ridiculously LONG receipt from the store. Now you can wear it as a lovely soft fleece scarf.