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Hubby Wins With Sleep Hack For Pregnant Wife


If you’ve ever been pregnant, you know just how uncomfortable sleeping can be when your belly is big and in the way. But a devoted and crafty husband has come up with a clever hack to help his pregnant wife get a good night’s sleep. And it’s blown up – in a good way – on TikTok.

Tony Lopez first shared his creation – which is really simple, but brilliant – in a short video that just gives us a glimpse of it with the caption, “When your pregnant wife says she wants to lay face down.” It shows their bed and on top of the regular mattress on her side is a smaller mattress with a hole cut out – large enough to accommodate a big baby belly. In follow-up videos, Tony shares that he made it from a spare, twin-size memory foam mattress.

In one of them, Tony’s very pregnant wife kindly demonstrates how it works, lying down and putting her belly in the hole. She looks comfy and she confirms she is, noting that she doesn’t feel like she’s “squishing the baby at all.” The comments section is full of kind words and kudos, with people saying he deserves the “husband of the year award,” and one user writes, “This is the true definition of ‘if he wanted to, he would.’ Never change.”

  • Many commenters encourage Tony to patent the design and in another video, he shares the exciting news that he’s secured a provisional patent on the idea and they’re thinking about mass-producing it.
  • He explains that he came up with the idea after lying in bed with his wife one night and she told him she wanted to sleep face down, but it hurt her. “I saw a problem there and I just created a solution,” he says.
  • Tony has added a link to an eBay page in his bio, where he’s taking pre-orders for the mattress at $250 each.