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"I do it to share my heart with people": Jordin Sparks gets back to music with 'Sounds Like Me'

Aaron Randolph

Today, Jordin Sparks fans are finally getting some new music from the former American Idol champ: Her new EP Sounds Like Me, her first solo project in more than five years, is out now.  Jordin tells ABC Audio the title reflects the fact that she’s now releasing music independently, so it doesn’t have to fit into any one category.

“Now that I completely have 100% control of what comes out…I was like, ‘You know what? Let’s just go for whatever sounds good,” she explains. “That’s basically what I wanted to do. And all of the songs on the EP kind of reflect that.”

“Each one of these songs, I feel like, has a piece of me and you can really tell that it’s me.”

“If it charts, it’s a bonus. If it sells a million copies, it’s a bonus,” says Jordin, who’s also an actress, TV host and  influencer. “I don’t do it for those things. I do the music for the people and to be able to tell those stories and to share my heart with people.”

Of course, Jordin’s having to promote the EP from her house, but she says these last few months in quarantine have really allowed her to enjoy what it’s like being “home” –for the first time in some 14 years. A big part of that, she says, is being with her husband Dana and their two-year-old son, D.J.

“D.J. has been blossoming during this time. So it’s been a lot of fun to be here every day and watch it,” she tells ABC Audio.

“And I have confirmation that I definitely am with the right person!” she laughs. “Like, he is the person I’m supposed to be with….I knew it 100% before quarantine and I really know it now!”

By Andrea Dresdale
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