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"I Hope" you'll let me remix your song: Gabby Barrett & Charlie Puth have a hit, though they've never met

Robby Klein

Gabby Barrett‘s living a bit of a charmed life these days. First, she topped the country chart with her debut single, “I Hope,” and now, she’s conquering the pop world, thanks to one very avid fan: none other than Charlie Puth

In fact, Charlie was so taken with the song, he managed to reinvent “I Hope” as a duet, without ever meeting Gabby face-to-face.

“We’ve never even met in person, actually,” Gabby tells ABC Audio. “He heard it off of one of the streaming platforms, posted it on his Instagram Story, and then reached out to me and had said, ‘This song’s amazing. I haven’t heard a song like this in years. Is there any way that I could remix the song? I have to remix this song.'”

“And I was like, ‘Uhhhh… YES!'” she says, revealing she barely even had to think about it.

Even the COVID-19 pandemic couldn’t keep Charlie’s passion project from happening.

“It was in the beginning of quarantine, yeah,” Gabby recalls. “I think it was around either March or April.”

“And so we’ve never met in person,” she continues. “But our teams kind of just got together and created this new version of the song, which spreads to an even broader audience of people.”

“So he definitely helped, for sure,” she says, giving Charlie his propers for her pop success. 

In fact, Gabby admits venturing into the pop world wasn’t exactly part of her vision.

“If it wants to spill over into pop, it can!” she adds. “And it has been and it’s been doing really well. So that’s just another wonderful thing.”

Gabby has plenty of wonderful things happening these days. She and husband Cade Foehner are expecting their first baby, and she’s just been nominated for two Country Music Association Awards. 

By Stephen Hubbard
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