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“I might snap”: Rosa Linn finds “this pop star thing” hard to do when folks are dying back home

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Robert Koloyan

This year, ex-Eurovision contestant Rosa Linn has seen her single “Snap” become a global hit. But while most rising pop stars are concerned with social media posts and award show outfits, Rosa’s too busy worrying about the folks in her home country of Armenia, who are literally dying due to an ongoing armed conflict with a bordering country.

“I’m worried for my brother. I’m worried for every guy. They’re basically kids. They’re 18 years old, fighting for their homeland,” Rosa tells ABC Audio about Armenia’s conflict with Azerbaijan.

“For me, it’s extremely hard to kind of find that balance of being, [like] ‘Hey!…”Snap” is doing well!'” she explains. “But I kind of have to act this pop star thing, because I realize…that I have to do my job, because this is the most important time for me to do everything that I need to do.”

But why is it important for Rosa to keep doing the pop star thing and promoting “Snap” and her new single “WDIA?” Because the more famous she gets, the more opportunity she’ll have to make a difference.

“I feel more motivated to become more successful, and more successful, and actually speak about things that, that I think are important,” she explains. “I’m absolutely not political…and it’s not political right now. It’s human lives.”

“It’s [a]crazy, unfair thing that’s going on in the world and not only in Armenia: in a lot of places,” she notes. “I see what’s happening in Iran and in Ukraine  — I think humanity’s going through a very big crisis.”

But maybe that’s why people are embracing “Snap.”  As Rosa herself notes, “I think that that song, that idea, came to me at the best time…like, people [are] freaking out, wanting to snap, y’know?”

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