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Ice Castles!

Ice Castles

We went to visit the Ice Castles over the weekend and it was super fun! A couple of things to mention though if you are going. The website makes it seem like the bar is INSIDE the castles, it’s not. Its at the very end and you cant bring drinks inside, which makes sense cause it could melt the castles if you get the yummy hot cider drinks.  The other thing, the path is NOT flat, its VERY snowy but like sandy snow if that makes sense. I went a few years back and the path was packed snow not this time. Its super hard to walk through and you sink into it. Wear your very best winter boots. My friend just wore warm boots and the sandy snow was all inside her boots and it was COLD.  They had this cute photo area set up but you cant buy digital prints. I had to use an actual scanner to share this with you.  The slides were super fun and its a REALLY cool winter area to just go check out, maybe even a cute place to propose!  We got this cute little penguin at the end too, his name is Freddie Pickles.