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"I'm telling mom!" Watch Kevin & Nick Jonas exclude Joe from hands-free Cadillac ride

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The Jonas Brothers have partnered with Cadillac and appear in a one-minute feature showing off the automaker’s new “Super Cruise” hands-free driver assisted technology. But only Kevin and Nick get to actually ride in the car — much to Joe’s chagrin.

The video shows Nick and Kevin getting into a Cadillac Escalade, driving on a freeway and freaking out over how the car will automatically drive and change lanes.  They then use the car’s Wi-Fi to call Joe on a tablet and show him what’s going on.

“Guys, I don’t get left behind. It is contractual and you know this. Pick me up, please!” an angry Joe complains.  Nick and Kevin respond by tossing the tablet in the back seat.  Nick then plays a ukulele and all three — including Joe on the tablet — sing, “Look at me/I’m drivin’ hands free.”

At the end, the brothers declare that they’re taking the car home with them, but Joe, still on the tablet in the back seat, whines, “I can’t believe you’re doing this without me! I’m telling mom!”

Of the partnership, Nick tells Billboard, “Cadillac is a legacy brand that has brought a lot of joy to people for a long time. I think for us, it made sense because we are like-minded. We want to make people happy and give them great experiences.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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