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In Pride Month post, Kesha says, “I’m not gay. I’m not straight.”


Kesha is most definitely a gay icon, but in a new post in honor of Pride Month, the singer says as far as her own sexuality, she isn’t sure where she lands.

“Happy pride! In case I haven’t been straight forward enough (LOL) I just wanted to take a sec to tell everyone that you are not only enough, just as you are, but the world is so fucking lucky to have you,” she wrote on Instagram, along with a picture that shows her in Iceland.

Then she continued, “I’m not gay. I’m not straight. I don’t know what I am. I love people. I love people because we are all our own little consciousness journeys, dancing around the sun. how weird and interesting and fun this life is, right? I refuse to be anything, really, except for open to it all.”

“I know it can be confusing sometimes, but you are so seen and loved,” she concluded. “Love u animals, happy pride see u at stonewall soon!!!!!”

Kesha was referring to her upcoming performance in front of New York City’s historic Stonewall Inn to mark Stonewall Day on June 24. Stonewall Day was established five years ago to commemorate the 1968 Stonewall riots, which are considered to be the beginning of the gay rights movement in the U.S.

In other Kesha news, her 2013 number-one hit with Pitbull, “Timber,” just hit the billion-stream mark on Spotify. A few days ago, she wrote on Instagram, “Thank u to every person who has ever streamed this song! Send me videos of ur best drunk timber moment. eeeekk this is so exciting. thanks animals. congrats @pitbull.”

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