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Is Andy Grammer a talented chef, too?

Andy Grammer In Concert - Nashville, TN
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Would you let Andy Grammer cook you breakfast?

According to his latest stint on E!’s Celebrity Beef, his skills might leave you saying, “Honey, I’m Good.”

Host Joel McHale pitted Grammer against actor Justin Baldoni in a fight to the finish, tasking the two with whipping up their version of French toast. Both men decided to go above and beyond in an attempt to be named the winner.

Baldoni decided to make a deluxe French toast breakfast sandwich, almost like a Monte Cristo, which left both McHale and Grammer smacking their lips.

“Wow. There are like nine flavors that are hitting me,” Grammer praised and nonchalantly licked his fingers. He also added, “It’s pretty hard to mess up French toast” and jokingly called out Joel for continuing to eat Baldoni’s sandwich when it was his turn to get judged.  

McHale defended himself by saying the sandwich was “really good.”

Grammer won in terms of presentation, with McHale noting he feels he’s “about to cut into a piece of art,” because he arranged the toast to look like a flower. That praise caused the hitmaker to enjoy a premature victory lap.

“I can’t believe that this is mine,” he shouted as McHale cut the artisanal French toast in half, revealing a center filled with bacon and maple syrup.

“You know what Andy is known for?” McHale cracked. “Humility.”

But the good times ended there because, after all three took a bite out of the confection, McHale ruled, “Wow, Andy, you can really taste the bread.”

Guess that means Grammer should stick to his day job.

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