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Is Chili Soup?!

Soup of the day Chilli

Is chili a soup??


It’s Ryan vs. Crisco & Dez. Ryan comes out of the gate with a hot take for this lively debate!

Ryan: Chili is a soup no doubt about it!

Crisco & Dez think chili is absolutely NOT a soup as both sides start to fire off their firm claims.

Ryan – Chili is served with a soup ladle in a soup bowl, it’s obvious guys!

Crisco & Dez – No Ryan, chili is chili. Simple as that.

Suddenly, texts start pouring in. “Chili is soup!” “Chili is not a soup!” The KS95 text line is flooding, it’s now a full soup tsunami and the forecast is calling for stock and broth so bundle up because it’s going to get chili! Suddenly, Crisco and Dez start presenting a valid argument, having almost nothing to do with texts they’re receiving from listeners.

Crisco -“Oh yeah Ryan? Well soup is broth and stock based. There’s no broth or stock in soup… There’s no broth or stock in soup, right?”

Ryan counters “First off, no, there’s no broth or stock in chili. Second, Stock doesn’t equal soup. Gravy has stock. Is gravy a soup? Does anyone just sit down and eat a fat bowl of gravy?

Crisco immediately responds: Yes! My sister.

Ryan: Ok, besides your sister does anybody sit down with a bowl of gravy and just go to town?


Ryan: You don’t serve crackers with chili. Whah bam! Chili is featured under “Soup of the Day” on restaurant menus. Ka-pow!

Crisco and Dez contest: oh no, no, no! Not only is it on a separate part of the menu at most restaurants, it’s normally in a completely different isle at most grocery stores.

Ryan quickly adapts and replies: False. You will find chili right next to the soup at most grocery stores.

Right away the three send out the bat signal to listeners, text in now and tell us if soup is or is not in the same isle at your local grocery. Immediately texts start flying in like a bald eagle that spotted a fresh Alaskan rainbow trout in the cool waters of the Rocky Mountain River. Majestic. Yes it is! No it’s not! Ding, ding, ding, now the listeners are going back and forth. Oh no, the “Is chili a soup?” debate has now turned into a full battle royale! Images of Hulk Hogan and the Macho Man Randy Savage wrestling in the infamous Chili Combat Clash for the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania 7 start flashing before our eyes. Just like the Hogan, Savage showdown, it was a fabulous fight, but we’re still not sure who’s right? Hogan did get dunked in Chili, but the Macho man did get buried in a pile of saltine crackers. Nobody got pinned, so nobody got the win. Yet. So, we turn to you to finish this “Is chili a soup?” dispute. Let us know on Twitter!