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Is Crisco in the Right or Wrong?

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It’s a topic that always seems to get people riled up and inevitable arguing back-and-forth. People have strong opinions about it, but yet this age-old debate has still never been settled to this day! Listen here and let us know if Crisco is in the right or is he’s at fault for allowing this to occur. He already isn’t exactly beloved by his neighbor. Whether that’s his fault or not is neither here nor there. The burning question that we’re all desperately searching for an answer to is whether Crisco acted inappropriately by intentionally allowing this to happen, or if this incident is perfectly acceptable. We’re focused on Crisco here, but he’s certainly not the only one doing this! It’s a major issue across this country that needs to be resolved, and we want to help resolve this problem by starting with Crisco and using him as an example! Do we need to punish the big guy?!