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Is Kelsea Ballerini dissing Halsey in a new song?

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In 2020, Halsey teamed up with country star Kelsea Ballerini on the song “The Other Girl,” which appeared on Kelsea’s album Kelsea. It reached the top 40 on several Billboard radio airplay charts, and the two sang the song together on several TV shows, including the CMT Music Awards. But it seems as though the two artists may have had a falling out.

On Kelsea’s new album, Subject to Change, which came out Friday, there’s a song called “Doin’ My Best,” in which Kelsea sings, “I was friends with a pop star/I put ’em on track four, but/Wish I could take it back, I would’ve nevеr asked/If I knew we wouldn’t talk anymorе.” Notably, “The Other Girl” was track four on Kelsea’s album.

Kelsea and Halsey first met several years ago, after Halsey played Nashville. They ended up hanging out, drinking and singing karaoke all night; Halsey even played Kelsea an early version of “Without Me.” Kelsea said they became “fast friends,” so when she wrote “The Other Girl” a month later, she asked Halsey to sing on it. 

At the time, Halsey said of the song, “It was really cool, because [we] were both in really good places in our lives and drawing from old hurt.”

It’s not clear if Halsey is aware of Kelsea’s song.

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