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Is The Weeknd is hanging up his red suit for good?


In every video and at every public appearance The Weeknd made for his hit album After Hours, he wore the same thing: a red suit jacket, black gloves, black shirt, black tie and, occasionally, large sunglasses.  But now it appears as though he’s officially saying goodbye to that look, and that era.

Earlier this week, the Canadian star was named Songwriter of the Year by the performing rights organization ASCAP. On Thursday, he posted a photo on Instagram of his framed ASCAP award.  Right below, encased in a very large frame, were the red jacket, shirt, tie, gloves and sunglasses, seemingly signifying that he’s been there, done that.

Fans reacted in the same way, writing in the comments, “Rip red suit character,” “This was an amazing era, farewell after hours,” “the red suit retired,” and more.

However, The Weeknd still has his world tour to come in 2022 — so he might resurrect the character while singing his After Hours hits like “Blinding Lights.” After all, he presumably still has the sparkly Givenchy version of the jacket he wore at the Super Bowl hanging in his closet.  He also didn’t frame those bandages he was constantly wearing on his face and head during the era, so they might return as well.


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