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Jake Gyllenhaal knows all too well that Taylor Swift's fans never forget

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Taylor Swift has never come right out and said who her song “All Too Well” — a fan favorite that many consider to be among the best songs she’s ever written — is about. 

However, it’s a generally accepted fact among Swifties that the track documents Taylor’s relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal, which lasted for a few months in the fall of 2010.  And, as the actor’s just learned, Swifties never forget.

Over the weekend, Jake posted a black-and-white picture of himself as a young boy wearing glasses, to promote a new speaker series being launched by the charity New Eyes

However, the comments section was soon flooded with Swifties quoting the lyrics to “All Too Well” — in particular, the line that goes, “You used to be a little kid with glasses in a twin-sized bed.”

Another fan wrote, “Give taylor swift her scarf back” — a reference to the “All Too Well” lyrics “Left my scarf there at your sister’s house/And you’ve still got it/In your drawer, even now”  and “But you keep my old scarf/From that very first week/’Cause it reminds you of innocence/And it smells like me.”

Another wrote, “PS: Where’s the scarf?”

But if Jake is distressed over the takeover of his Instagram by people dredging up a brief relationship that ended nine years ago — and according to Taylor, didn’t end on the best of terms — well…he should’ve known better.

u posted this pic and thought that the swifties would do nothing???? mistake,” wrote a fan.

By Andrea Dresdale
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