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James Bay to perform livestream concert at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

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To watch, or not to watch?  That’s not even a question, when it’s James Bay doing a special livestream from the theater that William Shakespeare made famous.

On October 21, James will take the stage live at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, the modern reconstruction of the historic venue where plays like Hamlet, Othello, Macbeth, King Lear and Julius Caesar were first performed. James will be playing with a full band, and will be shot by multiple cameras for a fully-produced experience.

The show will be live streamed by Driift around the world based on time zone.  It won’t be available on demand, so you’ll have to watch when it’s available in your specific time zone.  If you live on the East Coast of North America or in Central or South America, it’ll stream at 8 p.m. ET.  If you live on the West Coast, it’s 8 p.m. PT.

Tickets will be available this Friday, October 2 starting at 4 a.m. ET via Ticketmaster.

In a statement, James says, “Having spent the Covid months of 2020 very much as a solo performer, singing into my iPhone from the spare room in my house, I’m so excited to reunite with a band and play music from a stage as legendary and iconic as that of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.”

He adds, “I’m sad that I can’t have an actual audience in the Globe with me, but so excited that we get to create this show for people all around the world to see. It might be a long road back to concerts as we’d like them, but we’re getting closer and in the meantime it’s such an honor to play this show for everyone!”

By Andrea Dresdale
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