KS95 for Kids



Jane Youngquist

When you ask a child to wear a back brace for 20 hours each day, it’s good to have a way to sweeten the deal a little. In Jane Youngquist’s case, you offer to decorate the brace with a picture of dolphins jumping in outer space. 

Jane turned six and started Kindergarten this past September. Like her dad, Kevin, and her older sister, Hope, Jane was born with multiple Pterygium syndrome. All three have received care at Gillette for hallmarks of the condition, which include short stature, joint contractures, webbing of the skin around the joints, and scoliosis (hence the brace). 

Jane’s parents, Kevin and MariAnne, became aware of Jane’s condition before she was born. Because of their existing relationship with Gillette, they were able to jump right in to getting Jane the care she needed. She had one surgery to implement a feeding tube and another to detether her spinal cord when she was just nine months old.  

“Jane didn’t go through surgery well, so after her initial surgeries, we let her body do its thing,” MariAnne explained. “She got in a groove for almost two years. Then she stopped walking.” 

After consulting with Complex Care Services as Gillette, Jane began care for adolescent rheumatology, which helped her regain movement. Though it added another layer to her needs, Gillette was able to centralize Jane’s care in a single location and ensure everyone on her team was up-to-date on her care plan.  

“Jane’s care has been phenomenal,” MariAnne said. “It’s so nice to have every specialist at one location. They all talk to each other and the continuity is amazing.” 

Outside of Gillette, Jane is loving school and even has aspirations of teaching Kindergarten one day. She’s delighting in learning how to read, pointing out the “sight words” she’s learning when she reads with her parents. She also loves creating art projects. There is no shortage of glitter glue in the Youngquist house.