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Jason Derulo breaks down how he makes viral TikTok videos

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Jason Derulo has found a side hustle in making viral TikTok videos and explained how he was able to take over the video-sharing network.

The “Savage Love” singer recently appeared on the Spout podcast to discuss how he keeps capturing lightning in a bottle with his viral videos, saying, “I really immersed myself as part of the TikTok community.”

“It’s not me just trying to promote my music.  I see a lot of artists do that, and it’s almost disrespectful,” added the 31-year-old singer, who boasts nearly 45 million TikTok followers. 

Derulo, who admits he reinvented himself on the popular app, adds, “I like collaborating, I like lifting up other creators and making sure that people see what they are doing.”

“I see incredible things that don’t have a lot of views or don’t have a lot of attention yet, and I’ll invite that person over so that they can get more of an audience… there’s just some incredible people out there,” he gushed.

Beyond fostering a collaborative spirit and finding new connections on the app, Derulo encourages TikTokers to consistently feed that creative hunger to keep creating content.

“A lot of really talented people just let life happen,” he warned. “The problem is when they get there, their work ethic starts to slow down, and new hungrier Jason Derulo-type wants it more than you do, and if you are not careful, they’re going to take your spot.”

Derulo is one of the most popular creators on TikTok and, to date, has over a billion views across his videos.

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