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Jason Mraz makes music for mushroom movie

Greta Rose

Watching a movie about mushrooms may not sound very exciting, but the new documentary Fantastic Fungi is fascinating enough to have attracted the talents of Oscar-winner star Brie Larson and Jason Mraz.

Larson narrates Fantastic Fungi: The Magic Beneath Us, a documentary by Louie Schwartzberg that’s available to purchase on Apple+ on August 4th, and for rent on August 11.  The film explores the ability of mushrooms to both heal and save the planet and its inhabitants.  There are more than three million different species, many of which have medical and therapeutic properties.

After Jason Mraz saw the movie, he was inspired to contribute a song to an accompanying album called Fantastic Fungi: Reimagine.  All the songs on the album are inspired by the theme of interconnectivity, and all proceeds will go to further education and research focusing on the healing benefits of mushrooms.

The song, “Disco Sun,” features Jason and his frequent collaborators Raining Jane.  The haunting, string-heavy tune features Jason singing, “The view’s fantastic/everybody dancing to a disco sun/how romantic/that a light that seems so distant reaches everyone.”

The song will be available for download this Friday, August 7.

Jason is evidently a big fan of fungi: A humorous video he made for the TBS game show Celebrity Show-Off showed him, among other things, ingesting a mushroom growing on his farm and going on a psychedelic trip.

By Andrea Dresdale
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