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Jason Mraz roller skates, dresses like an avocado and takes a trip with Rob Thomas in 'Celebrity Show-Off' video

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Jen Rosenstein

Jason Mraz is one of the contestants on the new TBS game show Celebrity Show-Off, where stars vie to win money for their favorite charities by creating video content using whatever they have on hand in their homes.  Whoever gets the most views, wins — and you can watch Jason’s wacky and weird first entry now.

The video, called Jason Mraz’s Magical Mranch: A Day Trip to the Mranch, is a hilarious and surreal look at a day in the life of Jason, who actually lives on a farm in California where he grows sustainable crops like avocados and coffee. In the video, which takes us from his bedroom to his kitchen to the farm and back, Jason sings an original song about trying to find something to eat for breakfast.

As he forages among his crops, he ingests a mushroom and goes on a psychedelic trip where — wait for it — the disembodied head of his pal Rob Thomas appears. The two then have a conversation about whether or not the avocados are ripe enough to make avocado toast.  Oh, did we mention that Jason is dressed in an avocado costume?

After strapping on a pair of roller skates, Jason heads back to his house and realizes he can make a tasty breakfast out of fruits and veggies he finds in his freezer.  When he opens the freezer, we see three miniature Jasons, dressed like a carrot, a banana and a strawberry.

At the end of the video, we learn it was all a dream: Jason fell asleep while writing a song via Zoom with Rob, who’s telling him to wake up.

Any money Jason wins will go to Feeding America. Celebrity Show-Off premieres on June 23, but you can help Jason start racking up the views now.

By Andrea Dresdale
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