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Jessie J dances in a dive bar in new video for “I Want Love”

Ashley Osborn

Jessie J dances all night in a dive bar in the new video for her single “I Want Love,” which just premiered on Facebook.

In the clip, Jessie, dressed head-to-toe in red and sporting her signature black bob and gold jewelry, drives to a dive bar at night. There, she flirts with the male patrons, lies down on the bar, sings in the bathroom and dances wildly to the jukebox.  When she leaves the bar, it’s morning.

“I Want Love” is the first release from Jessie’s upcoming fifth album, due out later this year.  She co-wrote it with Ryan Tedder, who also executive-produced the project.

“This album is like a short film over many years of my life and this video is the first part of that story I’m sharing.” Jessie J says in a statement. “I wanted the video to feel like people weren’t supposed to see this moment. A moment between the moments captured.”

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