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Jewel wins ‘The Masked Singer,’ drops EP featuring Lady Gaga, Katy Perry covers

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Michael Becker / FOX

Jewel is the Queen…and the winner of season six of Fox’s The Masked Singer.

The multi-platinum-selling singer was revealed as the “Queen of Hearts” on the show Wednesday night, and she’s now released an EP of cover versions she performed on the show, including “Firework” by Katy Perry, “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga, “La Vie en Rose” by Édith Piaf, and “Bird Set Free” by Sia.

In a statement, Jewel said she enjoyed being on the show because she was “able to pull from all genres and all eras, which a person rarely gets to do.”  She added, “That is why I was inspired to release all the songs I chose; I had so much fun interpreting these songs that I wanted to share them!”

Speaking to Billboard, Jewel said she agreed to go on The Masked Singer because she was looking for “opportunities that let me check a lot of boxes.”

“The first one has to be it can’t take too much time from my son’s life. I obviously needed to raise my profile if I was going to do it and promote new music,” she explained. “And the third box is it has to be creatively fun and interesting for me. So the Masked Singer, I know it sounds odd, but it was a great fit for me for all those reasons.”

Plus, she noted, “It let me focus on something that I’ve never been able to focus on the entire 25 years of my career: just showing my technical ability.”

Jewel also told Billboard that she also has a new album coming out next year called Freewheelin’ Woman, followed by a tour.

Here’s the track listing for Jewel’s Queen of Hearts EP:

“Born this Way” — Originally performed by Lady Gaga
“La Vie En Rose” — Originally performed by Édith Piaf
“River” — Originally performed by Bishop Briggs
“She’s Got You” — Originally performed by Patsy Cline
“Bird Set Free” — Originally performed by SIA
“What’s Going On” — Originally performed by Marvin Gaye
“Firework” — Originally performed by Katy Perry

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