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Jim Carrey says The Weeknd’s new album is “deep and elegant”

Weeknd: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic; Jim Carrey: Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

On Monday, The Weeknd surprised fans by announcing that his new album Dawn FM would be arriving Friday, and then further surprised them by revealing that fellow Canadian star Jim Carrey would be featured on the project. Now, the comedian himself is giving us a sneak preview of the much-anticipated album.

“I listened to Dawn FM with my good friend Abel @theweeknd last night,” Carrey tweeted, using the singer’s birth name. “It was deep and elegant and it danced me around the room. I’m thrilled to play a part in his symphony.”

It’s not exactly clear what the Truman Show star is doing on the album, but its trailer does feature a voice-over from a guy who could be him, saying, “You are now listening to 103.5 Dawn FM. You’ve been in the dark way too long. It’s time to walk into the light and accept your fate with open arms.”

As for how The Weeknd and Jim Carrey are even friends, in August, the singer told GQ, “He lived literally like two buildings down from me. He had a telescope, and I had a telescope. He was like, ‘Where do you live? What floor do you live on?’…And we looked out the windows on our telescopes and we could see each other.”

The Weeknd further revealed that on his 30th birthday — February 16, 2020 — Carrey “pulled up to my crib and took me to breakfast.”

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